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We create or improve your Website and Corporate appearance

Websites in WordPress: The most famous content management system

It is a manager that offers us unlimited possibilities regarding web design and development, and that is why it is used by 70% of companies today.

Using WordPress will not be limited to writing only text. You can manage images, audio, and video. It allows you to add Youtube videos, Instagram.. photos, tweets or Soundcloud audio just by pasting the URL in your post.

More and more people surf the internet from their smartphone or tablet. If your page does not look good and works perfectly on these devices, your customers will leave your page and go somewhere else.


wordpress alicante informatica - Alicante Web Design


Woocommerce: Your Online Store 

This sales platform is booming, the market share is close to 30%, especially due to its ease of use and power, making it one of the most popular online sales tools worldwide.

WooCommerce is actually a WordPress plugin, the most widely used content management system on the Internet, with which it has full integration. This is one of its main advantages, since it makes it a free and open source tool, continually updated and refined by thousands of people who review this code, testing and improving it.

The client will always find an intuitive and easy purchasing process, making their experience pleasant. Its responsive design further enhances this positive experience for our target audience.


woocommerce alicante - Alicante Web Design


Online Store in Prestashop, the most complete Ecommerce

In Alicante we are experts in Prestashop and we are currently developing online stores in the latest stable version 1.7.2. in which we incorporate all the most important payment modules on the market, such as a professional blog, cache module to make your online store very fast, SEO, payment theme …

But what is Prestashop?

Prestashop is a CMS or content gesture that, in its most standard version, contemplates all the basic possibilities of an online store. It also has a perfectly developed content manager, as well as being highly usable and accessible by the client. In the same way, Prestashop is a tool that solves the most common needs of an electronic commerce in a clear and agile way, as well as the logistics or transport, the billing and the statistics of use and conversion of the page.

But let’s be clear: not only choosing a theme, adapting it to Prestashop from the beginning and in a totally personalized way, changing the logo and uploading the products will not achieve our real objective, which is none other than making money, monetizing. Since no two businesses are the same, it must be modified and programmed so that its structure fits perfectly. You have to understand that each business is a world, as well as each target audience.

In short, the use of a CMS will provide standardized and implemented advantages in the tool, but it will always require parallel programming for the adaptation and customization of the store.


PrestaShop alicante - Alicante Web Design


Shopify Alicante

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that basically serves to create a sales-oriented website. What stands out about it is that its operation is very simple. You will only have to choose a template, customize it a little according to the design idea you have, choose the functions of the web and add the products. Once this is done, it will not take more than a morning if you are a little skilled user, you can start selling and gradually improve weaknesses that you discover according to the competition.

But what is Shopify?

Shopify a platform that must be taken into account from the beginning for its benefits and also because it is one of the easiest to use and popular.

shopify alicante - Alicante Web Design

Custom developments for your e-commerce

At Alicante Tecnológica we have a team of programmers with high experience in the sector, so we can develop a custom website for both your personal brand and your online business.


expertos informatica e1469124912509 - Alicante Web Design


Web page in Joomla: another well-known content manager

With Joomla we can generate functional and highly usable sites. This content manager (CMS) adapts to all kinds of business items and allows you to have a site running in a very short time.

Its software is constantly evolving for improvement and to make it more secure. Access to the code is free, so we can modify, improve or adapt it to the needs.


joomla alicante - Alicante Web Design


High Speed Hosting

At Alicante Informática we offer our clients unlimited email accounts for all the websites we host in our high-speed Hosting. Do not worry about the technical details and work with your website at full capacity.

We know how important it is to hire a good hosting so we have the best on the market.


redes locales - Alicante Web Design



Online stores that sell

At Alicante Informática we carry out digital communication and marketing campaigns. A team of professionals in SEO, SEM, Social Media and Copywriting that will work for you.

SEO, SEM, Social Media & Copywriting

We carry out a writing technique to attract and persuade without invading, it is not just about writing on Social Networks and getting likes. It is necessary to set some objectives, draw up an action plan and an editorial calendar, and above all, carry out a correct analysis.

Your online business on the first page of Google

Once the website in Alicante Informática is finished, we can configure a personalized SEO campaign, since if you have an online store, you want to sell right? We advise you from the first moment.


pagina web bien posicionada - Alicante Web Design


Our designs are geared towards success:

We optimize SEO, search engine positioning: especialistas SEO specialists in Google, Bing, Yahoo.

We make the best usability of your site (positive user experience).

We always create a responsive design (adapted to all mobiles and tablets).

We design your Logo and Corporate Image

Do you want to create a brand? Being present in the mind of the buyer?

If so, it is not enough to have a Logo with which they identify you. You need to create a Corporate Image.

It is necessary to enter the psyche of the target audience, to have that perception of quality and design that makes you special.

In short, create a brand


For any questions, however small, you can contact us, without obligation:

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Website Design in Alicante 2020

In Alicante Tecnológica we have designers from websites (or websites if we are purists) with more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of online or e-commerce stores, blogs, pages for companies and entrepreneurs, portfolios, etc. behind their backs. 

Websites: everything you need with Alicante Tecnológica

Our web designs are adapted to each client, personalized to the maximum and very competitive in price, since in Alicante we are a benchmark in web page design, so whether you want to start a new online business , As if you want to improve your website, here you have us to help you.

High Quality Websites at the best price!

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