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SEO: we use the latest techniques to position you in Google. Gain visibility for your company.

SEO 2020

Do you want to be showed in Google Results?


Custom SEO

Do not tell you stories, WE ARE IN 2020, the Black Hat or the classic NON-NATURAL Link Building are things of the past. Contact us and we explain why and how are we going to design a custom SEO strategy for your business.


Latest SEO techniques

We apply the latest SEO techniques, the ones that Google likes, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN PENALIZED A WEBSITE, that’s why we have success stories with national websites that sell thousands of euros a month.


In Alicante Técnológica we have been leaders in this for years SEO and Web Positioning, It will be for something, right?


We can assure you that we finally have a SEO that works and no teasing.


We OFFER SOLUTIONS, We do not sell smoke, so we do not want to assure you the first place in Google, although we can achieve it. We want you to gain visibility, increase your traffic and improve your economic results.


We have managed to adapt price rates in custom and ad hoc SEO for clients which are giving spectacular results and far from the Black Hat techniques used by other agencies.




Check our rates in SEO or Web Positioning 


In Alicante Tecnológica we offer differentiated rates depending on your position in the SERP and the competition of your sector, so always in the first month, we send an SEO audit of your website. Regardless of SEO consulting, we also send a situation report with strategic analysis of brand, site, social media …






Do you want your physical business or that a project you have in mind can be seen by thousands of people thanks to the Internet ?, and also want to reduce costs to the maximum?


In Alicante Tecnológica we offer you the possibility of obtaining a website or ecommerce in a few weeks thanks to our paid templates (templates) of the popular WordPress and WooCommerce CMS and start then a SEO and SEM campaign in web positioning.


We also design your website  or eCommerce (e-commerce or onlines store  right? 1f609 - Alicante SEO ) that will have everything that is required in the 2020 web design, that is, mobile version, adaptive and responsive web that exceeds all the requirements of Google and prepared for search engines. 


And of course, your website will be OPTIMIZED in SEO for Google to index it and position it correctly from day one.


Websites that can position and are visible




Solutions for your Company


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Have you made the leap to digital and have a website? Well... ALL WEBSITES NEED SEO

You have a website and you have to get the most out of it. SEO is essential.



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Now we will reach the maximum number of possible customers.



If your website does not reach good search engine positions (SERP’S) it may need to be improved and optimized for search engines. search engines (Google basically;)). There are aspects such as code cleaning, user experience and overall site performance that can always be improved, due in large part to the continuous changes made by search engines in their algorithms. It is essential to be up to date to get the most out of your online business.

Do you need advice on Web Positioning?

Here you have us. Together, we are going to make your business better since we are not only prepared but we also provide training at the UPV Polytechnic University of Valencia in SEO. We also participate in conferences and presentations of the digital world, not only in Alicante and improve internal teams of companies thanks to our agile teaching methodology.


Do you want to reach the top positions of Google? WEB POSITIONING OR SEO MAKES US VISIBLE

In Alicante Tecnológica we offer you services in SEO (Web Positioning Search Engine Optimization). We perform campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing (if you want…), tailored and low budget so that the experience of your online business is entirely satisfactory. We also provide services in Web Design with SEO so that from the beginning you don’t have to worry about the web positioning of your website. All our websites are adapted to the main programming systems and we work so that our pages are always up to date, complying with the standards and requirements of the latest algorithms of Google so that your e-Commerce, online store (either in Prestashop, Worpdress or Joomla) or page in general do not suffer penalties. We make a Natural POSITIONING, without buying fraudulent links or other forms of spam or Blach Hat so highly penalized today.


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