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We make your Digital Marketing Plan

We make your Digital Marketing Plan

social media alicante diciembre 2019 - Alicante Digital Marketing

When we talk about Social Media, in Digital Marketing, we don’t just mean writing posts on social networks. Social networks from this point of view are a process of conversion


We want you to have a goal, either to help sell, to get leads, to increase the traffic of your website or to improve sales over a previous period, for example.


Eventually, we want it to be a very important support to SEO, SEM, Copy… because we understand that you are looking for us to improve the performance of your business so we will develop the strategy in social networks.


What is marketing in Social Media? Social Media Marketing or marketing in social networks are all actions that are carried out for the achievement of the and objectives of the campaign, that as we say previously is part of the global strategy.


We work social media from a marketing perspective and not just from the communication of such an agency.


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The SEM is more than talking about paid campaigns, the SEM or search engine marketing is about every action that takes place to position you in the TOP of search engines. Therefore it hosts from SEO to pay or pay per click campaigns.

As SEO has gained such relevance in recent years, it has ended up calling SEM payment campaigns.

The main search engines offer companies the possibility to show their ads in the search results as you have already been able to check if you are looking for something on Google, because in this platform we carry out campaigns in Google Ads (former Google Adwords) and if it sounds like Bing , another famous search engine, there we do them in Bing Ads.

But what is the PPC? The PPC or pay per click or pay per click is the way in which these aforementioned search engines charge companies when they use this service.

The cost per click depends on the market, the competition and what the user is willing to pay.

We encourage you to discover the types of online advertising campaigns that exist and the most important platforms.

copywriting alicante diciembre 2019 - Alicante Digital Marketing

Copywriting is an art of writing that has become essential for Digital Marketing.

The techniques used in Copywriting try to convince the customer, attract him to your product or service and make him have an interest in it, does it sound good right?

In short, it helps you sell without using the word sell, without a direct attack on the consumer as offline and conventional advertising has been doing for a lifetime. We work with our customers from the perspective of Inbound Marketing so this technique becomes essential.

The results of this technique are impressive and in Alicante Tecnológica we strongly recommend that you implement it in all your Digital Marketing campaigns.

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Develop your personalized Digital Marketing Plan for your company. Analyze competition on the marketing and in your sector and set Digital Marketing objectives in line with your strategic objectives. Then we plan followed strategies that you can achieve your business goals.

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We offer all Digital Marketing services so you can achieve all the goals your company needs. From the Web development and content creation, copywriting up to positioning and advertising campaigns, SEO, SEM, and Social Media. Marketing and Communication in Alicante at your disposal this 2020.

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In Alicante Tecnologica, we customize the analysis tools to get the best possible performance. Then we will review all aspects of your digital marketing plan so that we can adapt to the changes and make the necessary changes to achieve your goals.

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