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In Alicante Tecnologica we have a holistic vision to give global solutions to your company

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equipo alicante tecnologica diciembre 2019 - Alicante Tecnologica
equipo alicante tecnologica diciembre 2019 - Alicante Tecnologica
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Our friends

Our friends

All Digital Marketing Services and IT Solutions at one click from you


Nearness. Quality and Experience. Technology Solutions for busineses.


Licensed computer scientists, experts and with ample experience for your peace of mind. Consult without compromise our rates for companies and SME`s in Alicante



Organic positioning in search engines. We do both SEO On-Page/Off-Page and Content SEO.


If you want to appear on the first page of Search engines like Google Alicante Tecnologica is your best option. We help you position your company.



We create your business from zero to a well-developed company – corporative WEB, personal brand or E-commerce.

Your Website

From Alicante Tecnológica we create our projects that they are properly indexed by search engines (Google) and you can achieve the desired SUCCESS.



We analyze and manage your Social Networks to fit your business model.


It is a key factor both to position your business in search engines and to gain authority in Social Media. Nowadays, if we want visibility, we have to present a company in Social Media.




Today all companies don’t need just a physical location and experience behind but they should have a visible and rich online presence, that is why over the years we have expanded our technology consulting services marketing for companies so that with only one consultant you can solve all your technological needs

What can you get when you collaborate with us?

What can you get when you collaborate with us?



Closeness, experience, and involvement these values define us and we guarantee involvement in each of your projects such as outsourcing, consulting and marketing services for your business now your big advantage.


We encourage you to leap to the Internet professionally.

We know how to make your Web site visible for your customers to achieve desired success.

Do you want to develop your Business?

Thanks to our dedication and involvement and a proactive and holistic consulting we have achieved ample demonstrable results with important companies in Alicante, you just have to contact us so that we know each other.

Whether you are starting as if your company is already consolidated both offline and digital, we can help you create or improve your physical and online presence thanks to our marketing campaigns, website development, manage social networks and SEO positioning in Google, we are also Google partners so our advertising campaigns do give results due to our extensive experience in the market.

Do you have an online business?

We offer comprehensive services for companies in Alicante, and we are currently strong in the E COMMERCE niche.

Our Marketing and Digital Communication services (SEO, SEM and Social Media) for companies that want to improve their profitability, obtain more benefits, and ultimately earn more money, have positive and measurable results.

One of our slogans is “all pages need SEO” so we will make your company visible not only on Google but on all the platforms on which you should appear.

Our trajectory shows that we make stores that sell, increase the turnover of the businesses that work with us and that we solve the technological problems of our customers.


Experienced Consultants who advise you to make your company’s daily life more productive.

We also have specialized computer technicians in different fields of computer consulting.

  • Systems (installation of Equipment, Servers, Networks, Hardware Repair)
  • Development (Custom Programming)
  • Digital Solutions for companies (ERP, CRM)

We will cover all the technological needs of your company or SME

If you have found us for something, it is because we are one of the best local companies dedicated to SEO in the province of Alicante:

Let’s start talking about SEO or Positioning, because what’s the point of having an e-commerce if it’s not visible …

Do not tell you stories, WE ARE IN 2020, the Black Hat or the classic NON-NATURAL Link Building are things of the past. Contact us and we explain why and how we are going to design a personalized SEO strategy for your business.

consultores SEO alicante tecnologica - Alicante Tecnologica 

We apply the latest techniques in SEO, the ones Google likes, NEVER HAVE WE PENALIZED A WEBSITE, and we have success stories with national websites that sell thousands of euros a month.

The best SEO in Alicante

In Alicante Tecnológica we have been leaders in SEO and Positioning in Alicante for years.

There is a reason for this, isn’t there?

A complete and integral service to centralize your work and make your time profitable.


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Comprehensive services for companies and freelancers

Perfect, you have come to us, you have seen that we are dedicated to the service and attention, both computer and web design and SEO for companies, you have also seen that if you are starting we can set up a website, take the social networks and positioning seo in Google and if you already have your online business running we can improve your e-commerce and visibility on Google or Social Networks.

Since 2014 we work for our customers to have better performance in their businesses through effective consulting. Our areas are IT Solutions and Marketing, all in the business area of the province of Alicante.

In our IT department we offer advice on software and hardware and provide custom developments, app, ERC / CRM in addition to on-site maintenance.

In our marketing department, focused on digital marketing within the e-commerce niche, we offer content campaigns or copywriting based on inbound techniques, SEO, SEM and Social Media. We are a young, dynamic and close team that is 100% involved in each project.

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IT Solutions in Alicante


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Custom development of websites and E-Commerce


in Alicante Tecnológica we advice you so that you decide the best web platform suitable for your company we carry out projects and commerce to measure, with a high percentage of success and sales.





  • LIVE OR REMOTE ASSISTANCE: We go to your place/business/company installations so you don’t have to waste your valuable time, while we do for you a remote assistance service.


  • TECHNICAL SERVICE FOR COMPANIES: Our technical staff performs tasks related to computer maintenance such as installation, repair and incident resolution..


  • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: You have at your disposal emergency phones in case you need us urgently.



We create your marketing plan; we do Copywriting, SEO and SEM to position you; Social Media, Web Design (both e-commerce, corporate or personal brand), web analytics and Informatics.


We develop websites:


Dedicated Web Development

200% in each of our projects






We like to give 100% on each of our projects, and our customers know it. With a close, honest and fair deal, that’s how we get your success.


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From September 2016 we have moved to the new offices Calle Doctor Just 28, entresuelo B.


Our workshop is still in the same location, but if you want to make an appointment or get to know us you can always do it by appointment 09:00 14:00 | Monday to Friday


Opening hours (previous appointment): 09:00 14:00 | Monday to Friday

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For any doubt, however small, you can contact us, without any obligation:


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